This week, staff writer Brigid Lynett talks with Marcie Bunting about the upcoming Family Fun Day fundraiser, which will raise money for Billy’s New Hope Barn.

Residence: Honesdale

Professional background: School bus contractor/driver

Title: Co-founder of Billy’s New Hope Barn

Q: Tell us a little about Billy’s New Hope Barn.

A: Billy’s is a sanctuary for abused, neglected and abandoned farm animals. We take in animals in need and give them a loving home. They live their lives out on our farm. We started the rescue in October of 2011.

Q: Where did the idea for a family fun day fundraiser come from? Have you done this type of fundrasier before?

A: This is our second Family Fun Day. We wanted to invite the public to our farm so families could experience farm life for an afternoon.

Q: What kinds of activities can guests enjoy?

A: We offer low-cost children’s games. We have nice baskets to raffle off and are offering other activities, such as watching one of our pigs paint pictures. These pictures can be custom painted for you. There will also be horseshoe crafts, face painting, refreshments available and barn tours. Great music will be provided by Lori Gabrielle. She is a great DJ who is donating her services.

Q: How will the proceeds be used?

A: All proceeds are used for the care of our rescued animals.

Q: What is unique about this fundraiser?

A: Our fundraiser is unique because you will see where the money is being used. You will see the animals that have been saved from abuse and neglect and are given a forever home. You will be visiting their home.


If you go

What: Family Fun Day

When: Sunday, July 14, noon to 5 p.m.

Where: 349 Schoolhouse Road, Honesdale

Details: Admission is free, but activities cost extra. Visit for more information.