The award-winning Pennsylvania WoodMobile has gone virtual!  Free, live WoodMobile presentations are currently being offered for schools, homeschools, libraries, & more. Sessions on sustainable forestry, the forest products industry, and invasive insects can be scheduled for 20 – 60 minute durations.
If you would like more information about the program or to schedule a virtual visit, contact Derek Norman, WoodMobile Coordinator at Sessions are targeted for grades 3 – 6, but the program can be adjusted for middle and high school.
As an outreach tool of the Pennsylvania Hardwoods Development Council, the WoodMobile is a cooperative effort of government and industry. The WoodMobile educates the public about Pennsylvania’s forests and sustainable forest management – securing the wood products we need today while protecting the trees of tomorrow. The mobile exhibit uses interactive activities and displays to promote the responsible use of forest resources and an understanding of the forest industry to the public.
“The WoodMobile promotes sustainable forestry and the green use of wood products,” said Jon Geyer, Hardwoods Development Specialist with the council. “Pennsylvania and the United States leads the world in sustainable forestry. When you buy locally grown and manufactured wood products, you help the safety of our environment and strengthen our economy.”
Pennsylvania is home to the largest hardwoods forest in the United States, providing more than ten percent of the nation’s hardwood lumber supply. While Pennsylvania’s timber industry has accounted for more than $19 billion in sales annually and provides thousands of jobs, the state has more forested acres today than it did 100 years ago due to the sustainability efforts of the industry.
Forests are the number one habitat in NEPA!
Photo by Patrick McKinney on December 09, 2020. Image may contain: text that says 'Products Made from Trees Fuel Lumber Cosmetics Paper products Soap Sugar & syrup Gum Crayons Fruits Rubber Cork Furniture Plywood Cinnamon Carpeting Suntan lotion Nuts Can you think of any more? What part of the tree do you think these products come from?'.
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