The Abington Community Library celebrated its 60th birthday (the 60th anniversary of the library association’s founding) with a party on Saturday, Jan. 11. The event featured a presentation by Carol Rubel, board president; birthday cake; a scrapbook display; an opportunity for patrons to share memories made at the library and more.

Another celebration is planned to commemorate the library’s dedication. This party is scheduled for Sunday, June 7, at 3 p.m. and more information is to be announced.

The library is also launching its Celebrate With Us campaign this month. People are asked to donate $10 or more to mark a momentous occasion in their life.

“We’ll have special cards recognizing the people, their donation, and the event posted throughout the library during 2020,” said Renee Roberts, project manager, in an email. “The thought behind it is that for every big occasion in a person’s life, the library has information to help them navigate the milestone. Getting married? Check out a book on wedding planning. Just got a new dog? Take out a DVD to learn how to train it. Having a baby? Access our online health databases, etc.

“As we celebrate our 60th birthday, we want to invite people to also celebrate their occasions.”