As summer arrived Friday, the sun shone brightly and a warm breeze blew. Thankfully, that warmth didn’t include humidity, but it’s sure to come between the raindrops that just don’t seem to let up every few days.

All complaining aside, the first day of summer afforded some quality family time before work called. In included a venture to the community library, which fortunately is a few blocks’ walk away.

Libraries seem to have become places to gather not only to retrieve books but to discuss books, do crafts, learn crafts or learn other new things. For instance, our area library has a knitting club that welcomes all skill levels. Most area libraries have story hours for the littlest ones, game nights for all ages and LEGO and building block events for, again, different age levels.

While Friday afternoon held no activities during our library venture, my son found his own fun outside of reading a book. He begged me to join him, and I happily obliged.

He pulled out a bin filled with what I now know are Magna-Tiles. These translucent, colorfujl tiles took the shapes of small squares, large squares and three different sizes or triangles. To me, they resembled cuts of stained glass. How they came together was the fun part. A click here and a snap there, the magnets connected.

We built towers, houses — with garages! — and even a village of small houses before we had to depart.

While we spent some time indoors on this sunny first day of summer, we saw lights of beautiful light through those tiles. We got our outside time walking to and from the library.

Here’s hoping for more beautiful sunny days — and less rainy ones. Happy summer!