Hello, NEPA!

Welcome to your new “resource” for all of your health and fitness questions.

Who are we? Matthew Dantone and Kelcie Hromisin — two local NEPA residents and personal trainers who walk the walk and want to help you realize your fitness and wellness goals.

In our “Live Fit” blog, we will share the things we’ve learned through our experiences — and our education — by answering YOUR questions. Each week we’ll choose 2-3 questions to answer and hopefully spread information to help each of you reach your physical potential.

We are excited to use this platform to reach NEPA locals and give back to the town we’re from.

Here is a little bit about us.


  • 29 years old and 2008 graduate of Pittston Area High School
  • Started lifting weights in the basement at 13 years old
  • Studied Kinesiology and Nutrition at Penn State University
  • Current Amateur NATURAL Bodybuilder, competing again on October 5, 2019
  • Pizza enthusiast (hard not to be in NEPA)
  • Had my right shoulder surgically rebuilt
  • I was born with a low-back defect called a Spondylolisthesis
  • Enjoys Northeast IPA’s or a good Sour Beer after a long day of work


  • 25 years old and 2012 Wyoming Valley West High School graduate
  • Competitive Multi-Sport athlete: field hockey, soccer, basketball, softball and track (better than the boys)
  • Dual degrees in Biology and Applied Psychology from Boston College
  • Full-Scholarship Division 1 Field Hockey Student-Athlete at Boston College — voted team captain in my senior year
  • Former U17 & U19 USA Jr. National Field Hockey Team Members w/ International tours to Amsterdam and Vancouver
  • Coffee addict (lover)
  • Former Assistant D1 Field Hockey Coach at Lafayette College

While we are daily gym-goers, our biggest passions revolve around adventure, risk, and taking on new challenges. Our idea of fitness is more than living a life just in the gym.  For us it’s things like rock-climbing, mountain biking, snowboarding & skiing, slack-lining, yoga, pilates, and gymnastics.

Ultimately, we want to share what’s worked for us and with our clients. We are your personal source for things like weight-loss, weight-lifting, weight-everything. Whatever’s out there, we’ve either tried it, know about it, or do it. We want you, and NEPA, to have a trusted place to go. This is it.

By interacting with all of you we hope to help build a stronger, healthier, and fitter Northeastern Pennsylvania community by giving you what you need to live that life.  Over the weeks we will write on topics we are passionate about, topics that can introduce you to new ways of thinking about how to build a healthier body. But ultimately, we want to hear from you! We are keenly aware of the overload of information that the internet, books, and social media present related to how to better your health. And we know — it’s confusing. What’s true? What works? Who to listen to?

We live it, teach it, and practice it, not just with ourselves but with other humans as well.  And we want to share that to you. So write in, ask us your questions, we can’t wait to interact with all of you.