1. Time your rest breaks

No chit chatting or waiting until you’re “ready” to start your next set.  Try sticking to either a 60 second or 75 second rest break between your sets. When the timer hits you should be starting the first rep of your next set.


2. Up your focus

Stay mentally engaged throughout the duration of each set. That means paying attention to WHAT you are actually doing during the exercise. By increasing your attention to your body while you are working you’ll start to feel that burn, really burn.


3. Vary your workout routine

If you find yourself doing the same workouts and exercises for weeks at a time it is time to switch up your routine.  Every 4 weeks incorporate a few different exercises that you did not do the previous 4 weeks. Using new exercises and new machines will require your muscles to work a bit differently; this “newness” is one of the keys to increasing your strength and keeping your body moving healthy.


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