Last week, I got a lash lift at The Beauty Mark Boutique, 546 Spruce St., Scranton, and I am so in love with the results.

As we’ve discussed, I have very big eyes with pin-straight eyelashes. I truly look like a Muppet. Then, I heard about lash lifts. A lash lift is basically a perm for your eyelashes. A cosmetologist (or another LICENSED, CERTIFIED person) applies a series of cream solutions that curl, set and condition lashes for a natural-looking enhancement. You also can opt for a tint to give you darker lashes.

I’ve told a few people about this and, at first, they all have the same series of concerns. Let’s get those out of the way.

  1.  The beauty industry as a whole has come a VERY long way in the past two decades. This isn’t the same kind of perm you remember your Nana getting. It’s *similar* to a perm as in it’s a solution that changes the chemical makeup of your eyelashes but it’s not crazy-harsh and won’t burn your eyeballs off.
  2. Your eyes are protected the whole time. Also, remember what I said about going to a professional? That comes in handy here, too.
  3. The Beauty Mark uses lash kits by Sugarlash Pro, a company based out of Canada, said owner Carrie Thorne. While there’s obviously still a chemical component to lash lifts, the Beauty Mark is all about providing beauty products and services with clean and ethical ingredients. Sugarlash fits in with that mission, promising to be “safe, sustainable and ethical.” (Canada’s cosmetic regulations are also more strict than the United States’.)
  4. Lash lifts at the Beauty Mark cost $60 for a lift and $70 for a lift and tint. They last about 6-8 weeks, which works out to about $10 per week, and are not nearly as much of a commitment as lash extensions. (While the Beauty Mark doesn’t offer lash extensions right now, that’s something coming in the future.)




could not have any makeup on when I arrived to get my lashes done. I opted to go all day leading up to it makeup-free but you could probably take off your makeup beforehand as long as you are thorough. I just wouldn’t make this your glitter, smoky eye moment. While I did my typical morning skin care that day, I didn’t use any eye cream just to be safe.

My no-makeup baby Muppet face


After I filled out the basic paperwork, the Beauty Mark’s Delani took me upstairs to the super cute facial area where I laid down in the comfiest dentist-but-make-it-fashion chair ever. I closed my eyes and she started to clean my lids and lashes for any dirt, oil, sweat or leftover makeup that may be lingering. Then, combed and separated them. After, she applied a paper shield under my eyes and a silicone shield over each of my top lids. The silicone pads were adhered on either side of my eyes with something similar to a lash glue to keep the silicone shield in place. I think it also keeps your eyes shut and helps to stop any solution from getting in them. She asked me about the extent of the curl I wanted and I opted for the curliest I could goKermit is going to L I V E today.



There’s an adhesive glue applied to the top of the silicone pad, too, and my lashes were combed up on top of it, which helps to achieve the curl. Then, curling solution was applied which breaks down and softens the lash to adjust to its new shape. It smelled like a perm but nothing overwhelming and that sat for about 12 minutes.

She then applied a setting solution, which locks the new shape into place, for another 12 minutes. Next, she applied the tint, which sat for about 10 minutes. This step isn’t necessary but I really love a dramatic eye. Finally, a conditioning solution was applied, with all kinds of good stuff like keratin for bond strength and grape seed oil for moisture and softness. This sat for another 12 minutes.

The whole process took about 45 minutes and nothing about it was uncomfortable. I probably could have fallen asleep.


Just like a perm, you can’t get your lashes wet for the first 24 hours. (And you if immediately thought of Elle Woods’ historic cross-examination in “Legally Blonde,” I love you.) Not only that but you really should avoid ANY kind of moisture including sweat, tears, steam, humidity, etc. Also, no eye makeup for the first 24 hours, and no rubbing your eyes or assaulting your lashes. I had mine done at about noon on a Friday so I couldn’t wash my face that night. I used micellar water (a cleansing liquid that requires no rinsing) to cleanse my face. I showered and did my normal skin care routine at around 3 p.m. Saturday and did my makeup like normal that night.

This was 25 hours after the lift, right when I got out of the shower.

Here’s how I did my makeup the night after my lash lift. I didn’t even wear falsies which is CRAZY for me.


I am so in love with how my lashes look. I love seeing the pretty little curve of my new dark lashes curl up over my eyelid. They look longer, too, which I think is due to the tint. If you ever looked at your lashes in the sun, you’ll notice your ends are lighter than the rest of your lash. This evens it all out. I also never have to curl them and they NEVER wilt no mater how much mascara I put on. I’ve even opted out of wearing false lashes a few times because my real ones looked so good. (And if you know me, you know I LIVE for fake lashes.) I seriously would recommend this to anyone who has long but straight lashes or is looking for a little boost to their no-makeup look.



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