I have a lot of weird quirks, but my weirdest is the guilt I have over repeating outfits. However, when you find a piece of clothing that fits great and makes you feel great, you want to wear it all the time. Maggie McGregor, fashion stylist and blogger at StyleMagDaily, knows this, too, and she’s here to show Hey, Beautiful how to shamelessly get the most wear out of our favorite staples. She’s got it from here. — Gia

Sick of clothes that you can only wear one way or one time? Well, I am here to demonstrate how you can get four looks out of one dress, in a very “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” way. That book is about one pair of jeans that magically fits four friends perfectly. If you have read my columns, you know I love to mix discount purchases with investment pieces. I’m thrilled to show you all of the layers and accessories in mid to high price ranges that give one $19 dress four upgraded looks. I bought the traveling dress, Zero City Tunic Dress, on a whim on Amazon a few years ago, and it ended up being a great staple for me. It’s super flattering and comes in six colors (I’m wearing the cream-colored dress) and multiple sleeve lengths.


* Photos by Emily Taylor Photography


Look No. 1

I layered a polar fleece jacket from the Daisy Collective, 328 Penn Ave., Scranton, over the dress, and let me tell you, it was snuggly. I slid on blackhand-painted leather mules from Runway Boutique, 128 N. Washington Ave., Scranton. Mules are really hot for fall this year. All suede, faux leather, metallic and wood-soled slides are in.

Beautiful crystal hanging jewelry — earrings and a long necklace from the Daisy Collective — made a great match, too. The final touch for this look was a teal oversized scrunchie for my wrist from Lavish Body and Home, 600 Linden St., Scranton.

Look No. 2

This look also is on the cozy side, with a Barefoot Dreams draped cardigan from Lavish layered on top. Maroon Ugg slide slippers, also from Lavish, finished off the look. A moment for Ugg shoes: all are made with durable, sturdy soles, intended to be worn inside and outside now.

Look No. 3

I love the dress with these Mary Jane stilettos from Runway. They are mules, too, so they’re right on trend. I paired it with dreamy, comfy faux leather leggings and a black lace camisole from New Laundry, 127 N. Washington Ave., Scranton. The shapewear aspect of both pieces keep everything tight without being restrictive.

Also from New Laundry are an edgy, oversized pendant and a padded, beaded headband. I have really been into padded headbands lately. They have regal trend origins from monarchical governments, so they always give me a special feeling. The glitzy beads on this one make me feel even closer to royalty.

Look No. 4

Paper-thin draped leather jackets are very in vogue right now, so I added one from New Laundry over the traveling dress. I paired it with these best-seller Stuart Weitzman over-the-knee boots from Runway. The brand makes many varieties of this boot, including one with a heel, though I wore the flat black suede version. A red bowler bag from Lavish was the perfect accessory to make this outfit pop. I love the stud accents on the bag. It’s such a fun way to give the outfit character. This final outfit is dressy and edgy but only a few steps away from the loungewear version of the first look, almost magically.


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