As someone who hasn’t worn a pair of non-stretchy pants in weeks, I’ve started to embrace my daily outfit: yoga pants, a soft t-shirt or sweatshirt and moccasin slippers. This is a big difference from the dresses, skirts and boots I typically wear to work, and while I’m comfy, it’s tough to feel cute when I’m in my jammies all day. Thankfully, Maggie McGregor, fashion stylist and blogger at StyleMagDaily, gave Hey, Beautiful a different perspective on our new dress code and some pieces we should embrace for quarantine chic. Maggie’s got it from here. -Gia

When I am facing a challenge, I always try and put myself together. No matter how distressed I am, a good outfit makes me feel more confident. Dress up; heads up!

We are facing scary times, but with the country mandating quarantine, women are actually getting cut a break. Hear me out: for the first time since World War II, women get to go to work with a less-strict dress code. Women have gladly complied with the societal expectation to wear high heels and skirts as typical professional attire — but not today, ladies. For the next thirty days, you are working from home.

Welcome to quarantine chic!

Your new business casual, which you can take Zoom calls in, homeschool your children in and binge reality television in, as we all try and face this tragic time together — but separately.

Sassy Sweatshirts

Sweatshirt from Lavish Body & Home, Scranton. Shipping is available. Visit

Right now we are seeing t-shirts and sweatshirts covered in sassy sayings and the week’s catchiest memes. Designers are offering really beautiful-looking versions of them that I’ve even worn with a chunky necklace out to a bar, so they are definitely perfect for your stay-at-home look. I love letters printed in metallic. One of my favorite meme sweatshirts right now has careful black sequined letters. I had been buying mine a little under-sized before the stay-at-home order so I could wear them with higher waist pants or skirts. Now that we are quarantined I’d recommend going for a boxy look that is ultra forgiving (especially when it comes to undergarments).


Short Sets

Cute sweat-material short-sets are such a dream! They can be like your daytime pajamas. I love that we can take the trends we were wearing to dress up like tie-dye and bring them with us to quarantine. The best thing about athleisure hitting a few years ago is that we have so many fashionable casual options. One of the best parts of adding a set like this to your wardrobe in the next few weeks is that you can mix and match the top and bottom as separates. When assessing whether you should go for a long sleeve or short sleeve set, remember you can layer. I’ve seen some sweat-tops in these sets cropped with long pants. Again, layering is your friend if you are uncomfortable showing your stomach, such as pulling down a tank top to make the front longer. Everybody has body insecurities, but they shouldn’t make you resist clothes you love. I’d love dainty gold layered necklaces over this set from Golden Coast in Clarks Summit. That look paired with a long brushed-through ponytail would be beautiful. You can swap in yoga pants to wear with the t-shirt if you have to leave your home for essential tasks, and even cover it with a zip-up sweatshirt.

Short-set from Golden Coast, Clarks Summit. Shipping is available. Visit @shopgoldencoast on Instagram and DM for shipping information.

Tiger (King) Print

Animal print has become a new neutral in fashion, but tiger print has really surged in the past month, especially. ???? Try it in muted natural colors like brown stripes over tan, or beige with olive for an understated version. Or you can get extra punchy with a bright fuschia or teal contrasted with the black stripes. I always recommend trying a print you are not sure you can pull-off (negative inner voice be gone!) with an accessory first to gauge your comfort with it. A tiger print knotted headband or a silk scarf tied around the neck are takes I’ve tried recently. Having fun with fashion and expression is therapeutic especially during a time when there are so many unknowns.

Top from Golden Coast, Clarks Summit. Shipping is available. Visit @shopgoldencoast on Instagram and DM for shipping information.


Don’t worry about your beauty look after sorting out your outfit. Not only does Gia have you covered, but any of these trends are dressy enough to pair with your fresh face. Just add a messy bun and get the Zoom call done.


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