Here it is folks, plain and simple: doing those crunches in the gym to get rid of some extra belly fat, is NOT going to trim your waistline.


When people say they are looking to “trim their waistline” what they really want to do is twofold:

1.  Drop a couple pounds (i.e lose a little more body fat)
2.  Change the shape of their body (i.e add some muscle)


To do this, first prioritize weight training and make it consistent. This means a minimum of 3 days per week for most individuals. To accelerate your results, incorporate interval cardio training on your days off from weights. For those of you who are unfamiliar, interval training means alternating between periods of really hard work (for a short duration) following by a period of rest, during your session.


Try this interval during your next workout:

Warm Up: 5 minutes
Interval:   Run 30 seconds (challenging pace) followed by a 1 minute walk.

Repeat the above sequence for 8-12 rounds*
Cool Down: 5 mins

*  Modify as needed 


An example week might look something like this:

Monday: Weight Training
Tuesday: Cardio (30 mins)
Wednesday: Weight Training
Thursday: Cardio  (30 mins)
Friday: Weight Training
Saturday: Walk (1 hour)
Sunday: Optional- Walk (1 hour)