A local volunteer received the tip of a lifetime.

On Wednesday, a DePietro’s Pharmacy customer tipped the curbside volunteers with a winning $5 ticket that had already been scratched off, said pharmacist and owner Tom DePietro.

When the volunteers split their tips at the end of the shift, one of the young men, a college student, took the lottery ticket. He then cashed it in for another scratch-off and won $100,000 off of that ticket.

The volunteers have been working hard since the beginning, DePietro said, and when the winner called the pharmacy with the good news, everyone was ecstatic.

“We’re so happy for him because they’ve been such a great help not only to us but all of our customers,” DePietro said. “The work they’ve been doing to help out the community, it’s just amazing.”

The volunteer’s family is staying behind the scenes for now, DePietro said, while they figure out the logistics and protocol of winning. Though, DePietro said, it’s rewarding to see customers be so generous to the staff. Wednesday was a happy occasion for everyone at the pharmacy, and that’s why they posted the story to social media.

“That was probably one of our most explosive posts ever,” DePietro said, adding they’re trying to track down the customer who tipped the ticket. “People were so happy to see something so positive. It makes everyone feel good.”

**A feel good story** One of our customers generously tipped our curbside volunteer (college student) a scratch off…

Posted by DePietro's Pharmacy on Wednesday, April 29, 2020


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