CRESSONA — Carl Schwenk will have a second hoagie giveaway this weekend following the success of his first one two months ago.

Schwenk used his government stimulus check to buy hoagies on Aug. 1 to give out to the community as a public service during the pandemic.

Since then, Schwenk said that residents and friends have been asking when he would do it again.

“The response was so good from the people after the first one,” he said.

Starting at 11 a.m. Saturday, Schwenk will hand out sandwiches at Jean’s Place restaurant in Cressona, the same location as before.

He said that he wants to serve his hometown, so he intends the first hour to be for Cressona residents, specifically hoping it can be a “family day.”

“For the whole family to have fun, spend the day together and get a free sandwich, that’s what I’d like to see,” Schwenk said. “I’d like to see more Cressona residents and those who didn’t come last time.”

However, Schwenk said that a free sandwich will be available to anyone who arrives.

Schwenk gave out 308 hoagies the first time. This time, he plans to give out 309.

“Always got to step forward,” he said.

In addition to helping the community, Schwenk said that giving away food also helps him feel better during a difficult time.

“I’ve been in chemotherapy the past six months,” Schwenk said. “This just keeps my mind off other things.”

Schwenk remembers his parents telling him when he was younger to help others whenever he can, so the giveaways allow him to fulfill that mission.

“I can say I did something for the community, and that makes me feel good,” he said.

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