The Water Education Group provides great resources like activity and coloring books from preschool age children on up.  The Schuylkill Conservation District purchases and distributes their resources to young people during the summer wildlife day camp season.

They are now providing free downloads depicting healthcare workers, sanitation workers, police and ambulance and more!  These coloring pages are suitable for not only young people but oldsters like yours truly.  It is proven that adults can get stress relief by coloring.  And, in these times, who wouldn’t want an outlet for relieving stress and for free too!

Here is more information on what the Water Education Group is all about.

“At Water Education Group, we know how valuable water is, and how important the water education field is. That’s why we work with organizations across the country to help promote water conservation and water quality education.”

Click on the graphic below to get free access to the pages.

Essential Workers Coloring Pages

NATURE NUGGET:  Today, Friday, April 24 is Arbor Day here in PA.  This is where we are reminded about the importance of trees in our lives through their beauty and benefits for the environment such as making oxygen and cleaning the air.  Of special note, trees are so important to us that no matter where you are or what time of day it is, that you are pretty much always within two feet of a product that is made from a tree.