There’s great news for beauty and grooming industry pros in Pennsylvania.

While hairstylists, barbers and more industry pros got back to work in June after Gov. Tom Wolf’s mandated shutdown, there still were certain services that weren’t permitted due to COVID-19, including facials, face shaves, beard trims and other services that would involve a client to remove their face mask.

Thankfully, for those with unruly quarantine beards or anyone in need of a serious upper lip wax, the State Board of Cosmetology updated its COVID-19 guidelines this month.

These services now can be performed as long as the client’s temperature is not above 100.4 degrees. While clients must wear a face covering while in the salon or shop, they may remove it for the service. However, they also can opt to wear a mask during the service or require the provider wear gloves. The employee also must wear goggles and/or a shield throughout the whole service, in addition to the standard face covering requirement.

According to a story in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, a spokesperson with the Pennsylvania Department of State told the Post-Gazette in an emailed statement, “The Department of State, the Department of Health and the Governor’s Office have been aware of concerns from estheticians regarding facials and from barbers regarding shaving for several months. The three agencies have been working together to monitor COVID-19 and factors related to virus spread, as well as listening to the concerns and ideas from the cosmetology and barber communities on how they can safely practice while mitigating the spread of COVID-19.”

I’m not sure how many people realize this, but facial services are a huge part of salons and barber shops. Especially in the latter and given the popularity of beards, almost every haircut usually includes a beard trim. Most estheticians I’ve spoken to require their clients to see them once a month or a few times a year for a facial to keep skin healthy, which is equivalent to heading to the dentist for a professional cleaning. Speaking of the dentist, keep in mind that, this whole time, if you had a dentist appointment, you were permitted to take your mask off for the service. Same with seeing the dermatologist or your injector for some lip filler or Botox injections.

Just know that the majority of these businesses, salons, spar and barbershops, all are subject to strict state-wide health and hygiene protocols all the time. After re-opening, these guidelines are even more strict to ensure the safety of the pro and the client. Please don’t show up if you’re feeling even a little sick and don’t make their job harder by not following the rules or causing a scene because you can’t do something you’re used to. Also, tip them.

Now, go make that appointment for the wax, shave or trim you’ve been waiting for.