Last week, I swapped my liquid lipstick for lip gloss, applied BB cream instead of foundation and allowed my hair to air dry.

Summer is almost here.

In addition to making some beauty changes, I’m also looking to switch up my wardrobe for the coming months. That’s where fashion stylist and blogger Maggie McGregor of StyleMagDaily comes in.

She predicted that patterns will be everywhere this season.“(And) not just one pattern at a time,” she said. “Mixing and matching is what it’s all about.”

Maggie gave Hey, Beautiful all the details on the patterns you need to rock this season in this sunny, summery entry.



“Bumble bees, fish, birds, giraffes, basically all critters big and small are being portrayed in patterns,” McGregor said.



There’s an old fashion rule that states stripes aren’t flattering. Hey, Beautiful doesn’t abide by old rules and, luckily for us, Maggie doesn’t either. Stripes are in for all types of fashion, the stylist said, and there’s something for everyone. Rock small horizontal stripes in boatneck shirts for women for a Parisian vibe or preppy vertical lines in menswear. Different stripes, horizontal or vertical, big and small, also can be mixed and matched with each other, she said.



Gingham is another pattern that’s super hot this summer. Unlike plaid or tartan, gingham consists of symmetric lines that run perpendicular to each other. The pattern uses a single color, typically over a white background. Look for gingham on dresses or even accessories such as scarves. And it’s not just for women. There’s plenty of gingham in menswear this season, especially in button-up shirts and shorts. Too much is never enough.
“Small, medium, large and everywhere, on everything,” McGregor said. “If you feel like you are overdoing it with gingham, you are doing it right this summer.”


Minnie Mouse. Marilyn Monroe. Princess Diana. Joseph Gordon Levitt.
What do these famous names have in common?
They all wore polka dots.
Polka dots are a classic summer pattern that evoke nostalgia and fun. McGregor suggested finding pieces with the classic polka dot design: a symmetrical pattern where the dots are not too big and not too small.



Nothing says summer quite like easy, breezy, colorful tie-dye. McGregor suggested looking for the pattern on different fabrics, including cotton-blend sundresses or bandanas. She also added that “designers are loving tie-dye on denim.”
If the rainbow styles aren’t for you, it’s no big deal. Check out one-color tie-dye patterns in hues such as sky blue, sunny yellow or pale pink.

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