Feel like a vacation but don’t feel like packing?

Good news.

The Beaver County Times is reporting that the White Thorn Lodge Family Nudist Park in South Beaver Township is set to reopen for the 2021 season on May 28.

Who knew nudist resorts had seasons? Then again, Pennsylvania winters probably aren’t suited for walking around in your birthday suit.

Also, “Family Nudist Park,” seems a bit different.

Anyway, the nudist park has a Facebook page so you can check them out, and they posted the news that they would open on May 28th there. However, they wrote “should circumstances with the pandemic change, the status will be re-evaluated.” The park is also encouraging all visitors to get vaccinated or have a negative COVID-19 test prior to visiting.

It also wrote that “all current guidelines set forth by the CDC, PA Department of Health, and other government agencies must be adhered to,” while on park grounds.

So, maybe it won’t be fully nude with masks and all.

According to the Beaver County Times, White Thorn has an annual nude volleyball tournament, and “has big plans for the rescheduled 50th edition” slated for this year.

So, don’t pack a suitcase and maybe book a trip you will never forget.

— Brian Linder/PennLive via Associated Press