Residence: Waverly Twp.

Title: Special events coordinator

Q: How many years has this fundraiser been a tradition?

A: Cars and Coffee was first held during the summer of 2016, but the Comm held car shows for many years prior to this particular event.

Q: What inspired this event?

A: We saw that it was a popular event on the West Coast and thought that it would be a welcome addition to the Comm’s summer programming. This area is full of vintage car enthusiasts, and the addition of coffee and pastries enhanced the event. Also, the Comm grounds are conducive to an informal car show where guests can stroll the grounds, admire the cars and enjoy some refreshment. We did not hold it in 2020 due to the outdoor gathering restrictions. We are thrilled to bring it back and expect an enthusiastic response.

Q: What kinds of cars typically are featured?

A:There is a wide variety, from vintage Ferraris to Teslas and everything in between.

Q: What else will be on hand?

A: The event offers a simple menu (with) coffee and breakfast items such as muffins, pastry and breads. Weis Markets is a proud sponsor and donates much of the menu.

Q: What makes this event special?

A: The tremendous sense of community that arises from friends and neighbors gathering together for a purely enjoyable event. There is great excitement among the car owners and guests as everyone walks the grounds and gets a unique glimpse of some fantastic collectible automobiles. Many of the owners remain by their vehicles and are delighted to share their knowledge with admirers.