This week, staff writer Laura Rysz talks with Jerry Orloski about a “haunted” car wash, in which $2 from each wash benefits the United Way of the Wyoming Valley.

Residence: Mountain Top

Educational: Graduated from Crestwood High School and University of Scranton

Title: Manager of Orloski’s Car Wash family business for the past eight years


Q: What’s the inspiration for this event?

A: Our theme is a haunted car wash. Our organization had seen other car washes operate “haunted car washes,” and we always thought it was a really great idea. When we realized COVID-19 was going to have an impact on many traditional in-person Halloween events, we thought it was a great time to give our own brand of haunted car wash a try. We also recognized that many community organizations have not been able to fundraise due to COVID-19 restrictions, so we thought we would try to give back at the same time.

Q: How does the fundraiser work?

A: Customers can choose any exterior wash they want. We have four choices, from $8 to $17, and $2 from each wash will go directly to the United Way of the Wyoming Valley.

Q: What else will be on hand?

A: We will have 10 to 12 performers interacting with the cars while they are in line for the car wash, at our payment booth and within the car wash tunnel itself. We also will have various props, spooky decorations, music and lighting/fog effects. Performers may try to check the locks on a car, or creep alongside a vehicle. They could be hidden in the car wash tunnel and appear as the soap clears, etc. It should be a lot of fun for our employees as well as the customers.

Q: What is your fundraising goal?

A: $2,500. It is our first attempt at this, so it’s really hard to make an estimate.