Each year, the members of the Times-Tribune sports department select the top 10 local sports stories of the year. It’s not an easy process. Typically, we comb through all of the sections of the year and note stories that stand out. Those are then narrowed down to 25 or so stories and then each member submits a ballot ranking them from 1-25.

Some years, there’s a clear-cut No. 1 story. Others, like 2019, it’s a lot tougher. This year, Dunmore native Vic Fangio finally getting a shot to be an NFL head coach with the Denver Broncos took the top spot. It received three first-place votes, just barely edging the No. 2 story: Fangio’s mentor Jack Henzes resigning after a legendary career as the head coach of the Dunmore Buck football team. Henzes received two first-place votes, and so did the death of local basketball fixture John Bucci. Western Wayne standout Trina Barcarola winning two PIAA gold medals in track and field earned the last first-place vote.

Now, it’s your turn to pick the top local sports story. Not for 2019, but for the decade.

We won’t make you choose from all 100 stories to make a year-end top-10 list. Instead, just pick your top five from a list of the top-three stories of each year. Go here to vote.

As a refresher, here are the top stories from the past 10 years.