On Thursday, Dunmore head football coach Jack Henzes submitted his letter of resignation to the Dunmore administration and dated it April 30.


Coach Henzes began his career as an assistant coach to his father, John “Papa Bear” Henzes, then became the head coach at Wyoming Area in 1966 and spent four years there. He started his head coaching stay with Dunmore in 1971 and after the 2018 season, where he could not coach from the sidelines, had a career record of 444-164-8 .


Here are some tributes from across the area to the iconic figure:



“It was his enthusiasm and passion that turned me onto football. He was the first driving force for me to pursue coaching as a profession because he was so good at it. He’s is a friend, first and foremost, and is somebody who I value as a mentor. I will always value the things he taught me and the values he has held near and dear to his heart.”



Former Dunmore player and assistant coach;
Denver Broncos head coach












Coach Henzes is the ultimate mentor. Our conversations about coaching while sitting in his car at Pine Forest Football Camp are forever burned in my brain and his words of encouragement and his wisdom have really helped me to evolve as a coach. In every profession and walk of life there are greats that everyone strives to emulate, Coach Henzes is and forever will be that great in the coaching profession. 



Valley View coach









On behalf of the Scranton Prep Football Program, we would like to congratulate Coach Henzes on a tremendous career. Coach Henzes was equally as successful off the field, shaping the lives of young men in the Dunmore community for over 50 years. We wish him the best in his future endeavors.



Scranton Prep coach




City Coach Jack Henzes from the 1976 Dream Game. Quarterbacks from left: Rick Chapman, Joe Perrotti, Coach Jack Henzes, Joe Marrazzo and Bob Fisher.




There were many conversations we had over the past 20 years I have been coaching. I would have to say the most interesting came when we were on our runs in the state playoffs. We would talk about how to attack the schools that we would face. Because we both love to run the ball first and most schools didn’t see that commitment to that style of offense. More importantly, coach Henzes always wanted to promote the local kids and was always willing to help your players get to the next level. I can’t tell you how many college coaches said to me, coach Henzes from Dunmore told us to stop in or call about your players! I wish him and his family the best. He will be missed.



Old Forge coach




Dunmore football coach Jack Henzes talks with player Kyle Lasher following the Athlete of the Week award ceremony at The Scranton Times Building in 2017.
Christopher Dolan / Staff Photographer






Jack Henzes epitomizes integrity, class, respect, dignity, and honor. What I always admired about Coach Henzes was his ability to remain so humble and down to Earth. He never looked down on anyone. He never placed himself on a pedestal. He respected everyone he ever came in contact with and he carried himself with pride and class. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting with him on the 50 yard line prior to our games and we could talk for hours about everything other than the game of football. We can talk about family, friends, his tomato garden. He realized how much more there was to life than football.  However, he knew football can teach so much about life. And there was nobody better at teaching those life lessons than Jack Henzes. High school football will have a tremendous void with the retirement of Jack Henzes. I am just grateful that I crossed paths and had the honor and privilege to not only compete against him, but learn from him. Jack Henzes made everyone he has ever met better.

Carbondale Area coach









“Coach Henzes has had just an amazing career. The quality of it and the longevity of it is hard to beat. I don’t know anybody who loved the game more than he did. Coach always took great pride in being such a gentleman and a professional. He always had a great and powerful presence, no matter where he was.”



Former North Pocono and Scranton Prep head coach











“He’s like a second father to me and so many in Dunmore. I started following the program when my brother, David, played in the early 1970s and that’s a long time to be with somebody. After my father (Mike) passed away in 2007, he’s always been there for me and giving life advice. He’s just an amazing man.”

Dunmore assistant coach; 1989 graduate









“Coach Henzes truly embodied what it means to be a Dunmore Buck. The hard word and dedication he put into the organization is truly incredible. Coach was always the first person at the field house in the morning and the last one to leave far after practice was over at night.
“I remember as a kid being at my great grandmother’s house and coach would show up to drop off tomatoes from his garden. He’s always been a great man just as he is as a coach. It’s sad that he has to retire, but he’s left behind a legacy that will never be forgotten.”



Dunmore RB who helped team to the 2014 PIAA Class 2A final











“I will forever be grateful for the opportunities he gave me as a young coach. I really respect and try to emulate his example. This will be a huge hole for the Dunmore program and community. We will miss him, and carry on for him.”

Dunmore assistant coach












HS FOOTBALL: Thank you, coach Henzes

Posted by Joby Fawcett, The Times-Tribune on Thursday, April 25, 2019