Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

Congratulations to all of the champions this season and Lackawanna Trail, which reached the PIAA Class 1A semifinal.

It’s time now to release the 2019 Lackawanna Football Conference Coaches’ All-Star Teams. We cannot emphasize this enough: These are the teams voted upon by the conference coaches. Players are nominated and the coaches vote. This season, they chose to combine Division I and Division II into one team and the Division III and Division IV into one team. I applaud this move. The LIAA athletic directors should do the same. That is an argument for another day.

So, before fans and parents litter the inbox of The Times-Tribune about who should have been selected, we repeat: THE COACHES VOTE FOR THESE TEAMS.







Members of the Lackawanna Football Conference Division III-IV Coaches’ All-Star Offensive Team include, front from left, Dunmore’s Cristian Buckley, Riverside’s Razen Reyes, Carbondale Area’s Vinny DePalma, Dunmore’s Steve Borgia, Lakeland’s Giovanni Spataro, Lackawanna Trail’s Ray Melnikoff and Old Forge’s Tyler Carey. Back, from left, Dunmore’s Peyton Badyrka, Dunmore’s Austin Brislin, Carbondale Area’s Seth Arthur, Dunmore’s Mason Maciejewski, Lackawanna Trail’s Mark Dunckle and R.J. Schirg, and Dunmore’s Dom Temperino.



QB: Steve Borgia | Dunmore
RB: Giovanni Spataro | Lakeland
RB: Vinny DePalma | Carbondale Area
FB: Ray Melnikoff | Lackawanna Trail
WR: Razen Reyes | Riverside
WR: Tyler Carey | Old Forge
TE: Dom Temperino | Dunmore
T: R.J. Schirg | Lackawanna Trail
T: Austin Brislin | Dunmore
G: Mark Dunckle | Lackawanna Trail
G: Seth Arthur | Carbondale Area
C: Mason Maciejewski | Dunmore
Athlete: Cristian Buckley | Dunmore
Kicker: Peyton Badyrka | Dunmore
DE: CJ Dippre | Lakeland
DE: Seth Arthur | Carbondale Area
DL: Cross Douglas | Lakeland
DL: Ethan Booth | Mid Valley
LB: Chase Nolan | Lakeland
LB: Karl Kincel | Dunmore
LB: Colin Holzman | Old Forge
LB: John Greenfield | Riverside
DB: Steve Borgia | Dunmore
DB: Charles Valvano | Dunmore
DB: Cristian Buckley | Dunmore
DB: Kristian Pon | Riverside
Athlete: Nico Berrios | Lackawanna Trail
Punter: Chris Mellon | Lakeland


Members of the Lackawanna Football Conference Division III-IV Coaches’ All-Star Defensive Team include, front from left, Riverside’s Kristian Pon, Lakeland’s CJ Dippre, Mid Valley’s Ethan Booth, Lakeland’s Cross Douglas, Carbondale Area’s Seth Arthur, Dunmore’s Charles Valvano and Lakeland’s Chris Mellon. Back, from left, Dunmore’s Steve Borgia and Cristian Buckley and Karl Kincel, Lakeland’s Chase Nolan, Old Forge’s Colin Holzman, Riverside’s John Greenfield and Lackawanna Trail’s Nico Berrios.





QB: Johnny Gilchrist | Riverside
RB: Rayshaun Dawkins | Dunmore
RB: Hezekiah Deitz | Old Forge
FB: Zachary Rebar | Mid Valley
WR: Dominic Palmitier | Montrose
WR: Mike Pidgeon | Lakeland
TE: Chris Mellon | Lakeland
T: Josh Angelo | Mid Valley
T: Anthony Golden | Dunmore
G: Seamus Cadden | Dunmore
G: Cross Douglas | Lakeland
C: Richard Rodenbach | Lackawanna Trail
Athlete: CJ Dippre | Lakeland
Kicker: Ryan Semyon | Riverside
DE: Dom Temperino | Dunmore
DE: Gavin Baker | Susquehanna
DL: Anthony Lima | Riverside
DL: Josh Angelo | Mid Valley
DL: R.J. Schirg | Lackawanna Trail
LB: Zachary Rebar | Mid Valley
LB: Josh Brown | Lackawanna Trail
LB: Alex Jaworski | Riverside
DB: Tyler Carey | Old Forge
DB: Dominico Spataro | Lakeland
DB: Mike Pidgeon | Lakeland
DB: Aaron Killino | Mid Valley
Athlete: Devin Ayala | Mid Valley
Punter: Ray Ofner | Carbondale Area