CHRISTOPHER DOLAN / STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Riverside’s Kylie Lavelle shoots over Hanover Area’s Amaya Shutes during their Jan. 9 game in Taylor.

The Riverside junior scored 30 points in a win over Wyoming Area, poured in 23 points to down Jim Thorpe, then capped the week with a double-double — 16 points and 10 rebounds — in a 52-28 win over Allentown Central Catholic as her team improved to 4-0.

I thought the contributions of your other teammates were really huge in the win over ACC. What improvements have you seen in them this year? I feel like we’ve all like we’re more blended this year. Emily Taylor’s shot has gotten a lot better and she’s getting more consistent with it. Kayla (Rose) and Alese (Karpinski) are getting a lot of rebounds and we all can finish at a basket, so I just feel like that contributes to the team a lot.

How fortunate do you think you are even playing ball right now? I’m very happy that we’re able to play. I mean, with the masks and everything and not a lot of parents there, I’m just glad we got to step on the floor again. 

For the most part there’s no real atmosphere. How hard is that? During the game it just feels more like a scrimmage that does like an actual game. I just feel like when we play Dunmore and stuff like it’s not gonna feel the same. 

The timeout for a mask break you’re getting at the 4-minute mark is a new thing in the league. Is that a good thing? Yeah it’s a good thing because during the game, I can barely even breathe with a mask on. I usually just take it a little bit, pull it down so I can get fresh air.

Any athletes you admire or try to emulate? Kevin Durant. He kind of reminds me of myself being he’s tall, he gets a lot of rebounds and he could shoot 3s and also get in the paint. 

One meal made at home that you can’t live without. Probably pasta with my mom’s vodka sauce with chicken meatballs. They’re so good. 

Any superstitions or rituals on game day? I really don’t have anything anymore. I changed the (lucky) socks. And I used to eat Skittles before every game. I don’t do that anymore. 

Is it nice to have the decision to play at Drexel in your back pocket so you can enjoy the last two seasons of just playing ball? Yeah, now that I’m committed I just feel like I could just play basketball and not have to worry about college or anything. 

You and Dunmore’s Moriah Murray have both committed to play there. Do the two of you talk about what’s going to happen down the road or is that something you don’t do during the season? We’ve talked about that we’re gonna be roommates and stuff, but other than that we haven’t really talked too much.

We know you’re going to Drexel but any leaning toward what your major might be? I think I’d like to major in sports medicine. I’m not really sure what part of it.

Was there anything in your career that spoke to you about that? My freshman year when I broke my leg, I liked seeing like the x-rays and stuff so I feel like, like treating other people’s injuries would be something I would want to do.