The mission of the Pennsylvania iMapInvasives program is to support the work of natural resource professionals by providing an online platform where invasive species sightings and management efforts can be recorded and shared. By providing data on invasive species distributions, the iMapInvasives program helps to facilitate both current and future endeavors to control and eradicate invasive species across Pennsylvania.

The iMapInvasives program works with non-profit groups, institutions, and state government to compile information on aquatic and terrestrial invasive species occurrences and treatments. Information is then used by countless organizations to prioritize invasive species control projects. In addition to natural resource professionals, tools in iMapInvasives can be used by citizen scientists, land owners, and others wishing to contribute their invasive species findings and view species distributions.

Multi-flora Rose, lanternflies, ash borers, chestnut blight, the list goes on with invasive species blanketing NEPA.  Pennsylvania now has an on-line tool to help control or obliterate invasives.  Click here for more information:  Home | paimapinvasives

Administrators of the Pennsylvania iMapInvasives database are knowledgeable about invasive species that threaten the Commonwealth including high priority species and those species not yet found in Pennnsylvania but which are expected to arrive (early detection species). This key insight furthers collaboration with local entities and ensures that new invasive species findings are directed to the appropriate individual or agency in a timely manner.

The Pennsylvania iMapInvasives program is a member of the iMapInvasives Network, a group consisting of nine states and one Canadian province, each administering their own instance of the iMapInvasives database.  Each participating state and province in the iMapInvasives Network is charged with serving the needs of individuals and organizations whose work focuses on tracking or managing invasive species.

Pennsylvania’s iMapInvasives program is administered by staff from the Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program (PHNP), a program crucial to protecting rare, threatened, and endangered species in Pennsylvania.  Meet the administrators of the Pennsylvania iMapInvasives program by visiting the About Us page.

NATURE NUGGET: Invasive alien species are plants, animals, or other organisms that are introduced to a given area outside their original range and cause harm in their new home. Because they have no natural enemies to limit their reproduction, they usually spread rampantly. Invasive alien species are recognized as one of the leading threats to biodiversity and impose enormous costs to agriculture, forestry, fisheries, and other human enterprises, as well as to human health.  The cost to control invasive species and the damages they inflict upon property and natural resources in the U.S. is estimated at $137 billion annually.


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