As a TIME Magazine subscriber, it was really good news to read of this great opportunity for young people (and oldsters like myself) to learn more about the world.  Time for Kids has age appropriate editions as you will read in their media release below.  Now, that schools will be out for the rest of the academic year, resources like this are important for homebound students.

“As the world asks more of families and teachers, TIME for Kids salutes you, and we’re here to support you!  Time for Kids is in the unique position to help kids understand this unprecedented moment.  Scroll down for free access to a library of four grade specific digital editions of Time for Kids and Your $ financial literacy magazine.”

Grade levels include: K-1, 2, 3-4, and 5-6.  There are a variety of topics from art to science and much more..all age-appropriate.

Turnkey teaching tools, with worksheets and quizzes for families or teachers, available at


They say that “spring heads north and fall goes south.”  This means that blossoms will bloom, birds will sing and thawing occurs earlier the further south you go in PA.  This means that you visit Lancaster County now and you’ll find that spring really has sprung!  But, go to northern Wayne County and it is a about a week or more late.


Arbor Day celebrates the benefits derived from trees.  PA’s Arbor Day is the last Friday in April.