“I’ve got some red roses for a blue lady,” is a line from an old 1940’s tune sung by many performers including my favorite rendition by Andy Williams.  The lyrics do speak to the listener through the color red and also the rose itself and is symbolic of a language that flowers and plants can convey for both sender and receiver.

Right after Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day is the second best time to let flowers speak the language that you want to share and for Mother’s Day that means “love!”  Plus, it’s spring, although given the circumstances that we face it can be a challenge to appreciate the beauty of nature that still abounds around us this season.

Way back in the 1880’s (which would be called Victorian Times) it was popular to ascribe meaning to each flower.  In fact, there was a very popular book written in 1885 entitled “Kate Greenaway’s Language of Flowers.” 

This is a sampling of the flowers and plants with their interpretations from the language of flowers from this book.

  • Alyssum – worth beyond beauty
  • Amaryllis – pride, timidity, splendid beauty
  • Carnation – woman’s love
  • Chickweed – rendezvous
  • Chrysanthemum (white only) – truth
  • Coreopsis – always cheerful
  • Daffodil – regard
  • Fern – fascination
  • Hibiscus – delicate beauty
  • Honeysuckle – generous and devoted
  • Hyacinth – sport, play
  • Ivy – fidelity, marriage
  • Lilac (purple) – first emotions of love
  • Moss – maternal love
  • Periwinkle (blue) – early friendship
  • Primrose – early youth
  • Rhubarb – advice
  • Sage (garden) – esteem
  • Shamrock – lightheartedness
  • Tulip (red) – declaration of love
  • Tulip (yellow) – hopeless love
  • Violet (blue) – faithfulness

To learn more about this beautiful language, visit https://www.sheknows.com/parenting/articles/829855/best-types-of-flowers-for-mom/

NATURE NUGGET:  Right now is the peak of wildflower season here in NEPA.  There is a phenomenal website that provides mega info on each species throughout the United States.  Check this out!  https://uswildflowers.com/wflist.php