March 17 to 20, 1971:

Mickey Mouse and his friends hoped a little Disney magic would help the Sisters of Marywood.
During its four days in Scranton, the traveling Disney spectacular called “Disney on Parade” had seven shows scheduled at the Watres Armory. The Friday, March 19, show was a fundraiser for the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary who lost everything in a fire at the Marywood Seminary the previous month. The Friends of Marywood organized the fundraising show.

news clipping

Advertisement for the March 13, 1971 arrival of the Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny at the Scranton Dry Goods store. Also on hand to greet the Bunnies were members of the “Disney on Parade” show. The traveling Disney show opened in Scranton on March 17 at the Watres Armory. TIMES-TRIBUNE ARCHIVES

The 150-minute stage show featured eight stories based on Disney’s creations. For the piece that featured “Pinocchio,” the stage transformed into a 135-foot Italian street carnival with aerialists, trampoline artists, dancers and musicians. Another piece that drew big applause dealt with the Volkswagen Beetle with a mind of its own, Herbie, aka “The Love Bug.”
The show also featured two large choreographed dance numbers: “Barnyard Bash” at the end of the first act and then a “Fantasia” number that opened the second act and featured dancing hippos and alligators.

snow white

Snow White, a member of the touring “Disney on Parade” show, greets fans along the route of the Scranton St. Patrick’s Parade on March 13, 1971. The touring show will be performing at the Watres Armory starting on Mach 17 till March 20. The evening show on March 19 will be benefit performance for the Sisters, Servants of Immaculate Heart of Mary who lost their possession in the Marywood Seminary fire on Feb. 22. TIMES-TRIBUNE ARCHIVES

During the second act, Goofy performed with aerialists and did a few daredevil tricks without a net. During the “Snow White” piece, the audience screamed “Don’t do it” when the young princess was offered the poisoned apple from the disguised queen.
The show ended with a famed Disney song, “It’s Small Small World.”
That Disney magic worked. The March 19 benefit show raised $10,000 for the Marywood Fire Fund.

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