Rush Limbaugh, longtime conservative radio personality, died today, Feb. 17. A year ago Limbaugh did announce that he had been diagnosed with lung cancer. He was 70. 

According to the Associated Press article about his death, Limbaugh started out as DJ for a radio station in McKeesport, Pennsylvania in the early 1970s. He would later start working in Kansas City in radio and later for the Kansas City Royals as their promotions director. 

He would eventually return to radio and in 1988 his radio show would go nationwide. This nationwide expansion had some help from local radio station operator and personality Jim Ward. 

According to Jim Ward’s obituary from March 24, 1994, Ward was a consultant for EFM Media, the show’s syndicator, and he helped in launching Limbaugh nationwide in August 1988. Ward’s local station, WARD-AM 1550, was one the first radio station’s in the country to carry Limbaugh. 

In January 1990, Ward’s station would lose Limbaugh to WILK Radio. WILK has been the local radio home of Limbaugh ever since. 

news paper clipping

January 20, 1990 – The Citizens’ Voice

Limbaugh also had a syndicated television in the early 1990s. The show aired locally for a time on WBRE-TV (channel 28) following “Late Night with David Letterman” and later on WNEP-TV (channel 16) following “Nightline.”