On this date in 1960, Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’ premiered in theater.  The thriller would open in Scranton on July 28, 1960.

Line of ticket-holding patrons extends from the Strand Theater on Spruce St., around the corner on to N. Washington Ave. for one of the evening showings of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” on July 29, 1960. Times-Tribune Archives

The film starred Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh, John Gavin, Vera Miles and Martin Balsam. It was based on a novel written by Robert Bloch. Reviews of the film ranged glowing for the actors Perkins and Leigh to cutting calling it low budget. But fans didn’t see it that way. People flocked to the theaters to see this cinematic gem.

In the end the film would receive two Academy Award nominations – Hitchcock for best director and Leigh for supporting actress. The film was added to the National Film Registry in 1992.

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