May 6, 1935

Campaign kicks off for new elephant

Children throughout Scranton and Dunmore are cracking open their piggy banks to help purchase a new elephant for the Nay Aug Park Zoo.
Queenie, the resident elephant at the Scranton zoo since 1924, died May 2 after being ill for a short time.
The Scranton Times once again started a campaign to purchase a replacement elephant. The Times started the first campaign back in 1924 that brought Queenie to Scranton.
Donations have started rolling in at the paper. Jimmy and Pat Dempsey of Dunmore hand delivered their $5 donation directly to the Times newsroom. Teachers in the Scranton Schools, both public and parochial, will start collecting donations from students May 8.
Youngsters are also writing short notes of their memories of Queenie with their donations. Dolly Early wrote in her note, “I loved Queenie better than any animal at the zoo and went to see her often. Don’t suppose there will be any more like Queenie.”


Nay Aug’s first elephant, Queenie, arrived in Scranton in June 1924. She was purchased for the zoo through a region-wide fundraiser that raised more than $3,000. Queenie is pictured here in her second anniversary at the zoo giving a ride to four youngsters. Times-Tribune Archives

Fri, May 3, 1935 – 33 · The Times-Tribune (Scranton, Pennsylvania) ·

Hobby Show at Masonic Temple

The Household Arts’ division of the Girl Scouts is hosting a hobby show at the Masonic Temple in Scranton on May 10 and 11.
The show will feature a fashion show each evening by the scouts. Other demonstrations include the making of rugs and the use of looms by the Lackawanna Blind Association and dress and blouse making by the students of the Johnson School (now Johnson College).

Shopping list

Whole smoked hams were 23 cents per pound, lamb chops were 32 cents per pound, 4 pounds of bananas were 19 cents, large grapefruit were 5 cents a piece, a large can of fruit cocktail was 22 cents, 2 cans of string beans were 15 cents, jumbo loaf of bread was 10 cents, a pound of coffee was 17 cents and a box of raisins was 6 cents.

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