Here is an extra dose of local history from 50 years ago today in Scranton –

Jan. 29, 1970

Rats and Sewers

The Scranton Sewer Authority dominated the proceedings of the weekly Scranton City Council meeting.
Sewer Authority Director Frank O’Neill informed council that river rats could become a problem for the city come spring. He said the problem will come when the sewer authority stops dumping waste in the Lackawanna River once the sewage treatment plant is completed. Without the waste in the river, the rats’ food source is cut off. The rats may leave the riverbanks in search of new food sources.
Several council members were stunned upon hearing this news.
After the rat problem was discussed, council turned its attention to another sewer authority related issue.
Since work began on the installation of new sewer lines, council received 300 complaints from residents against the contractors doing the work. The complaints dealt with property damage.
After 40 minutes of back- and-forth between O’Neill and council members, it was recommended that the Scranton directors of public safety and public works make regular inspections of the sewer line work.

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