For Ken Stefin, making Valley residents look beautiful is second nature.

Mr. Kenneth’s Beauty Salon, Rear 448 Main Street, Peckville, has been a Midvalley institution for decades. In addition to offering cuts, color and other hair treatments, Stefin also offers expert service for folks looking for the perfect wig. Here’s what he had to say:

Q: One of the services you offer at your salon is wigs. How did you get your start in that?

A: I started selling wigs 45 years ago. At the time, I was just getting started with my own business and had been noticing how many women who needed a wig believed they had to simply settle with an “old lady’s wig.” I wanted to change that and work with each customer to understand their personalities, tastes and empower them to choose a wig that was right for them. Hair loss should never change a person’s heart and soul.

Q: How have wigs changed over the years?

A: Wigs these days are not only more suited to today’s hair styles, but they’re better constructed and more natural looking. Today it’s very difficult to spot the difference between synthetic or hybrids (human hair mixed with heat-resistant fibers) and completely human hair wigs.

Q: What advice do you give to people who come in to look for a wig?

A: After the basics of measuring their head and deciding on a color, I try to find the wig that best matches their personality and comfort level. My consultations prioritize compassion and professionalism. Customers have very diverse personalities and styles, and come to purchase a wig for a variety of reasons. Some people want what’s familiar and comfortable, others may want something new and totally different than what they’re used to, and some just want one for fun — there’s no one reason to get a wig.

Peckville businessman Ken Stefin poses with actor David Hyde-Pierce at the New Dramatists Luncheon in New York City, which Stefin annually attends.


Q: What else do you offer at your salon?

A: I run a full-service unisex salon, where I offer cuts, wash and sets, highlights, coloring, perms and waxing for men and women, and products and cosmetics, including Morgan Taylor and Redken. My customers range from age 2 to 98; many have been coming to my shop since I first opened but I also take in new customers every week.

Q: Have you ever done the hair of any celebrities?

A: On numerous occasions I had the pleasure to style for Ann Rose, a dear friend who was a theater producer and major fundraiser of, among many other theater industry events, the New Dramatists Luncheon (a pre-Tony Awards luncheon), of which I’ve been one of the co-chairs for over 40 years. Ann was one of the first women to work on Wall Street and eventually became one of the most generous philanthropists of the arts. I met her when she learned that I had brought a large group of cancer survivors and friends to the luncheon one year. I did this because an oncologist once told me, “Working with cancer will get the best of you, and when it does, go do something you love.” I love Broadway, so I figured why can’t I bring my friends who can escape in a world of show business for a day?