Schooooooool’s out. For. Two more weeks!

For kiddos in the Keystone State, anyway.

Just as parents and students finished Week 1 of coronavirus shutdown and embarked on Week 2, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf added two more weeks during a press conference today (Monday, March 23, 2020) as the virus spreads across the state.

The shutdown leaves lots of questions for parents and students whose school districts lack an online instruction presence. Additionally, high school seniors wonder if, and when, commencement will commence, along with other activities that are supposed to accompany the final year of secondary education.

Those answers will hopefully come sooner rather than later. In the case of the my children’s school district, officials are doing their very best to keep the information coming. Shortly after the governor’s school-related announcement came, the superintendent issued a letter through district communications. Stay tuned. …

In the meantime, home front fun carries on for everyone. Stay home, as hard as that might sound. The longer people ignore authorities’ instructions to help “flatten the curve” of coronavirus, the longer it will take for life as we knew it a week ago to resume. One meme on social media compares it to kindergarten. The whole class gets punished for one or two who refuse to comply with the rules.

Let’s all behave so we can stay well and prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Keep the communication lines open with family and friends to get through this. We all need it!