As a teenager, my parents got me a subscription to ‘Teen magazine. My older sister got Seventeen magazine. For a time she also got Young Miss (which eventually became YM).

We looked forward to those magazines arriving in the mail every month. They had everything from fashion and makeup tips to compelling stories and advice and awesome advertisements. Part of those ads featured funky fonts for product messages and story headlines.

Once finished with the magazines, the pages never went to waste. My friends and I often clipped some of those messages and taped them in our lockers, on our bedroom mirrors and even on collages that hung either in lockers or our bedrooms.

One of my favorite ad headlines for, I believe, sunglasses, indicated “Don’t go out without your shades.” It was part of a collage on my bedroom wall for years.

Fast forward to 2004 when my daughter reached the age of about 7 months. I had obtained a cute pair of sunglasses for her. Preparing to go somewhere, she was snug in her car seat on the dining room table when I pulled out the sunglasses and said those words. She kept them on as I snapped a few pictures with my camera (yep, no cellphone camera at that point!) for about 20 minutes. About a mile from the house, she had knocked them from her face. Oh well.

I still say “don’t go out without your shades” to my children. Most times, they don’t. Other times, they could care less. Me? I need my shades in the bright sunshine or when a cloudy day still bears brightness outdoors. I have at least four pairs of sunglasses somewhere in the house, my purse or even the car. One pair breaks, there’s always another opportunity to grab a pair at the dollar store.

Shades add style as well as protection from the sun’s rays. No better time to get the kiddos in good practice of wearing them than now while they are young. Besides, it’ll give you the chance to say “Don’t go out without your shades.” 😎