Now that Halloween is firmly in the calendar’s rearview mirror, we’re all looking forward to Thanksgiving, right? Right?

I guess not. The transition from Halloween to Christmas, seemingly overnight on Nov. 1, is way too abrupt, folks. We have got to slow down the process in which we go into Christmas mode. I’m not sure how some people can look right past the best food-related day of the year in favor of Christmas. They’re both great holidays, so we should give them each some appropriate attention.

The most egregious example of jumping into Christmas too quickly is watching holiday movies before Thanksgiving. I can’t wrap my mind around how someone can be in the mood for “Elf” when the temperature is still in the 50s. Isn’t that a huge immersion break for the watcher? I don’t want to come off like a Grinch, but I feel like a certain vibe needs to be in the air for a Christmas movie to feel right.

In my own experience, I’ve found that watching Christmas movies off season negates their impact when December rolls around. I once watched the ending of “It’s a Wonderful Life” during the summer, and I felt like I was violating my Christmas Eve, primetime self’s experience. Saving Christmas movies for when they are actually appropriate makes the wait for those good feelings much more special.

I understand a lot of people might need those good feelings all throughout the year, and that’s understandable. But there’s a lot of feel good films to watch during the other seasons that can probably fill that void for you. If they can’t, are you perhaps too reliant on the Christmas season for your happiness?

The psychology of Christmas is pretty deep and I think it informs the way we go about the rest of the year. How can the cycle of Christmas dependence be broken? First, I really would recommend seeking out some other feel good films, or maybe the Disney catalogue. Those are good places to start if you want to be in a better mood while watching a movie.

I would also look out for musicals to watch, especially ones with peppy soundtracks that can easily be returned to. Of course, you can’t go wrong with the classics. Think “The Wizard of Oz,” “The Sound of Music” and “Willy Wonka.” Each of those have a nostalgic feeling already in place for many people, and they’re all very hopeful. In the COVID-19 era, these light family films can be especially pleasant watches. There’s no place like home, after all.

There are movies to watch throughout the year that can potentially replace the Christmas feeling until the time is right. In three weeks from now, you can have all the Christmas entertainment you want. If you’ve already been watching Christmas movies for the past few months, seek help and some different kinds of films.