As we inch closer to summer, we start to pay attention to the parts of us that we’ve hidden under sweaters and coats all winter.

That’s when procedures such as Cryoskin — a noninvasive procedure used to slim, tone and reduce cellulite — can be helpful. It’s done through cold therapy sessions under 30 minutes in which fat cells are destroyed and then naturally excreted through the body (i.e. sweat, urine, etc.) Sometimes diet and exercise can’t fully target these concerns and Cryoskin can make a difference.

Beauty blogger Gia Mazur shows her results after one session of Cryoskin, a noninvasive procedure that uses cold therapy to slim, tone and reduce cellulite, available at the SkinFit Bar in Clarks Summit.

Cryoskin is offered at SkinFit Bar, 320 S. State St., Clarks Summit (formerly Beauty Mark Boutique, Spruce Street, Scranton), and there are two types of Cryoskin sessions. Slimming is a three-phase thermal shock to help naturally destroy fat cells. This is preferable for those looking to lose fat on their stomach, thighs, arms or back. Toning is a 20-minute cold therapy session that improves microcirculation and speeds up metabolism, resulting in higher collagen production. Toning is recommended for facials or to reduce cellulite. For the best results, undergoing five sessions is recommended. Single slimming sessions cost $300, and single toning sessions cost $250. A five-session package costs $1,250 for slimming and $1,100 for toning. Slimming and toning sessions can be combined.

I recently had two toning sessions done (a facial and cellulite reduction treatment) at the store and want to tell you all about my experience.


Before your session, you would call the Beauty Mark to schedule a free consultation to see which is right for you. I got a facial and a cellulite reduction session on the back of my thighs. As far as preparation, I went makeup- and spray tan-free. Those who are pregnant, have sensitivity to cold, Raynaud’s syndrome, cancer, kidney or liver disease are not candidates for Cryoskin. If you have any medical concerns, consult your doctor beforehand.

If you have had cosmetic injections within the past two to three months, you cannot receive Cryoskin, either.


I’ll admit I was terrified before my first session because I’d heard about similar procedures that resulted in bruising, swelling and maybe some pain. I didn’t need to be worried, though, because there’s zero downtime after Cryoskin. Because of its science — dubbed “the peltier effect” — Cryoskin uses precise temperature control, which creates the perfect conditions to reduce fat without damaging surrounding tissue. It’s actually considered a “lunchtime procedure,” meaning you can do it over your lunch break and go right back to work.

The technician runs a wand that reaches negative 8 degrees over your skin. To me, both sessions felt like a massage, and while it was cold, it was never unbearable.


After my facial, my skin looked and felt better immediately. My face had a sculpted, lifted look — similar to celebrities on the red carpet. (My mom told me I actually looked like I was glowing.) With the slimming session on my thighs, my cellulite was almost nonexistent after one session, and my skin was way smoother. I do not do my squats like I should, but I also felt like my butt sat up higher and had that shelf look. There wasn’t much aftercare, except I tried my best to avoid simple carbs, such as bread or pasta, over the next two weeks just because it could interfere with the treatment’s efficiency. According to SkinFit Bar owner Carrie Thorne, the best results will appear about two to three weeks after the first session and extend for months afterward.

I would definitely recommend a Cryoskin facial before a big event or cellulite reduction before a beach vacation where you’ll show more skin. I only had toning sessions, not slimming. Though it depends on the person and his or her lifestyle, Thorne said clients will see results from the first slimming session and continue to lose inches over the recommended five sessions.

Are we all beautiful in our own skin, cellulite and all? YES. I didn’t write this to tell you to get this done. I did it because, if these areas are things that don’t make you feel good about yourself, then you are 1,000% in your right to do something about it. Look good, feel better.


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