Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean your look should suffer. In Northeast Pennsylvania, we still have three more months of cold weather, and Maggie McGregor, fashion stylist and blogger at StyleMagDaily, gave Hey, Beautiful the lowdown on the five embellishments you should add to your wardrobe during the winter months. I’ll let her take it from here. — Gia

Don’t like the downtrodden look of down coats and lumpy sweaters? You are in luck because designers this winter created warm looks to keep you toasty but fancied up a bit. We are seeing every kind of trim and bead on clothes this season, but I chose five of my favorites to share with you. These five embellishments will frost your look as well as the snow flurries will.



Pearled barrettes

What, indeed, is more classic than a pearl? At family events leading up to Thanksgiving, I noticed my cousins all wearing pearls diffused over their sweaters, used as beads creating a pattern. My sisters have been really into buying multi-packs of pearl-dotted headbands, and the blogger community cannot get enough of pearls on oversized hair clips. I am loving the hair accessories because you can experiment and work them into your hair in all different ways. It is an easy avenue to dressing up the OG messy bun. There is no hate for the messy bun, just a different look.


Woman in red sweater with bow in hair

When I started to see couture designers doing statement bows on everything, I ordered some spools of lush ribbon to try and create unique looks for myself (like this one above from Haus of McGregor.) If you are not crafty, plenty of stores have pre-made bows on clips, pins, barrettes and rubber bands, so not to worry. I’ve even had luck just bringing ribbon to my hairdresser to create a style that looks straight off the runway.
Bows also are great to clip onto tops as a bow tie. Long grosgrain, velvet or satin bows work well on ponytails. Stiff 1950s bows and turban twisted bows are all over headbands. Brighter colors keep it preppy, while black takes you to automatic chic.



feathered clutch

Feathers, and really embellishments in general, are very Gatsby. I love layers of feathers on the hemlines of coats, and of course sewn into the hems of gowns and flapper cocktail dresses like Kendall and Kylie Jenner at the 2019 Met Gala. This is a great example of a trend you can create right from the craft store. I found long white faux feathers on Amazon that I have included over the past year with notes I send. When people open the mailers, they receive not only my stationary but also a long, fluffy plume too. Style is about creating your unique signature, with clothes or otherwise. Have fun and express yourself.



Gold pants with fringed sweater

Looped, threaded fringe is here, the more delicate cousin of the chunky suede fringe we’ve seen. It’s the flapper vibe once again. I love it on the cap sleeves of evening wear. The statement earrings we are seeing with thread or beaded fringe tassels are to-die-for. A trick with these earrings is to wear your hair up so the earrings stand out. A high, tousled bun on women really shows off the earrings.



Lace dress and clutch

I really like the ruff-like lace we have seen on collars. Some stylists even pair lace collars with cameos. For the warmer weather, we saw clothing with cutouts in the fabric. Now, for the colder months, we see those cutouts covered in lace.
It’s a risque fashion illusion. Lace bell sleeves compliment some garments, adding flare to otherwise simple winter tops. Kimono-like lace pieces are a trend I’ve really caught on to. Larger pieces of lace like that have a lot of character and almost tell a story in their swirls. These jacket types transition summer- and spring-like dresses for winter and can even make a work shift really festive. Lace boleros and shawls feel festive and are great for holidays.


Don’t feel dull this winter. With these additions, even the gloomiest day can feel fancy.


Woman outside in red sweater and black skirt

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