Like most Northeast Pennsylvania moms, Valre Whitman was excited to look through The Sunday Times’ annual Mother’s Day edition.

She was eager to find the photo of her and her son, but didn’t know the surprise she was in for.

Whitman is this year’s Day of Pampering contest winner. And, for the first time ever (like many other firsts recently), this lucky mom found out she won along with the rest of the edition’s readers, as we revealed the winner inside the section.

The contest is sponsored by RD Salon and BlowDry Bar, with locations in Scranton and Clarks Summit, and Jerry’s For All Seasons, 201 Jessup Ave., Dunmore.

The Scranton resident — who was selected at random out of more than 800 moms who submitted photos — secured a day of salon and spa treatments as well as a flower arrangement of her choice and a $50 gift card to Sibio’s Restaurant, 1240 Quincy Ave., Dunmore.

On Mother’s Day, Whitman woke up early to find the photo of her and her son, Dan Scherle, 31, of West Palm Beach, Florida. After she came across it, she put down the section to go through later. That’s when friends started to text her, congratulating her.

“I was like, ‘Thanks, it’s just a picture of me and my son,’ and they were like, ‘Did you see the whole paper? You won a day of pampering,'” she said, laughing. ” I said, ‘No way, you’ve got to be kidding me!’ I was totally surprised.”

Whitman’s son also posted a sweet Mother’s Day message to his mom on Facebook, congratulating her for winning the contest. While Whitman must wait until the stay-at-home orders are lifted to redeem her prizes, it was the best Mother’s Day surprise she could have received, she said.

“This is the best thing to happen to me this year,” she said. “I’m really just blown away.”