When I need to go out into the world, it feels like I’m preparing for battle, with my face mask as armor and hand sanitizer as my weapon of choice. It’s hard to feel cute sometimes.
Thankfully, Maggie McGregor, fashion stylist and blogger at StyleMagDaily, gave Hey, Beautiful a different perspective and pieces we should embrace to go out in style. I’ll let her take it from here. — Gia

While many people will continue to work from home, there are dozens more who will go back into work during the next few weeks. While this means back to regular business casual, consider a fashion mask or face covering a bonus accessory to add to your outfit.

Fashionably conscious

Wear a fun, fashionable mask to help protect against the spread of the coronavirus and support your a local businesses at the same time. Look for options that give back to the community such as local designer Valerie Kiser Design. VKD will donate one mask to the Scranton Police Department for every mask sold. To order, direct message @valeriekiserdesign on Instagram. For masks by Posh Life Floral & Events, affiliated with POSH at the Scranton Club and the Colonnade, call 570-955-5890. Noteology has a wide array of patterns that double as hairbands along with ear guards for face masks and regular face masks. Visit notefragrances.com.

Silk safety

Now if you know me, you know I love a scarf. I search endlessly for seasonal new and vintage finds. For the holidays I resurrected my Aunt’s tartan silk neck kerchief, and for a bout of the winter blues I brought out her brown paisley sash. High-end fashion lovers can use their favorite Hermes as protection for their mouth and nose in place of a mask. (Just remember the thicker the material, the better. Wrap it around a few times if you have to.)

This is also a perfect excuse to buy a new scarf for your collection since it may get lightly soiled and have some minor wear and tear. What a relic it will be to show to future generations when precautions like this are lifted and you can have it dry-cleaned. The scarf that helped you survived the 2020 pandemic; your very own Wonder Woman cape. That’s the key to the fashion we advise. Pieces you can tell the story of your life with, worn through the good, the bad and the contagious, gracefully. 


Designer D-I-Y

Use these steps to turn your scarf (or bandana) into a proper mask, inspired by fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff. You’ll need two rubber bands and a coffee filter or paper towel, in addition to the scarf or bandana.

  1.  Lay scarf/bandana flat and place paper towel or coffee filter in the middle.
  2. Fold scarf/bandana to the middle down from the top. Then, fold up to the middle, from the bottom.
  3. Flip over and fold the top and bottom to the middle again.
  4. Flip back over and loosely wrap a rubber band around each end of the scarf/bandana, dividing it into thirds.
  5.  Fold each rubber-banded end to meet in the middle of scarf/bandana.
  6. Flip it one more time so the pleats are facing outward.
  7. Hold the mask to your face and tuck a rubber band around each ear.


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