Let the Rainbow Pride flags fly: Pride Month kicks off this weekend in Stroudsburg.

Show your support for the LGBTQ+ community at the Pocono Pride Festival set to take place noon to 5 p.m. Sunday at Courthouse Square, 600 Main Street.

The gathering — the first of its kind in the Poconos — is the brainchild of the Pocono Chamber of Commerce’s LGBTQ+ Business Council as a way to support and promote the LGBTQ+ community, according to Michael Moreno, assistant vice president for the Chamber of Commerce, and one of the organizers.

It’s also one of the first large gatherings in the area since Gov. Wolf lifted the mitigation orders in the state on Monday.

“Specifically now, it is important to host a Pride festival here in our region because due to COVID most Pride festivals have been canceled or postponed. We are excited that our LGBTQ+ Business Council felt confident enough to host an event that brings awareness and business prosperity to the surrounding Pocono Region,” Moreno said.

Prepare to be entertained.

Drag queen performers Clan Ann (Carol Ann Carol Ann and Sharron Ann Husbands) will host the event.

The cheeky and amusing duo was founded on the streets of Philadelphia in 2011 “after an altercation with three prostitutes and a lady cop,” the festival website says. “Whether solo or together, Clan Ann is fun from beginning to end. Their unpredictable antics and love of games, Broadway, and boys make them the perfect pair for any event.”

In addition, local musical artists such as HOLDN, Rubix Pube and the Squirrel Trappers will be gracing the stage and there will be a hot hour drag show featuring local talent.

There will also be advocates and nonprofits such as the PA Youth Congress, LGBTQ PRIDE and the Eastern PA Trans Equity Project in attendance.

“Please check out and support local business with the LGBTQ+ Proud Supporter Sticker within their windows,” Moreno said. “Also, it is imperative that individuals stay educated on how the use of pronouns within the community — a little knowledge can go a long way.”

For info, go to poconopridefestival.com.

— Micaela Hood/Pocono Record via Associated Press