A Union Dale eatery gives off a general store feel with a sprinkle of culinary pizzazz.

Patrons of Cable’s General Store, 948 N. Main St., can try a variety of homemade items such as baked goods, hoagies and salads that can accommodate both vegetarians and meat-lovers alike. It also serves dinners and offers offsite catering.

Chef’s Table chatted with co-owner Krysta Samuel about the store that has stood the test of time.

Q: When did you open?

A: The original store opening dates back to 1910, and we purchased the business in early June of 2020.

Q: What is the history of the restaurant?

A: It was started as a general store along with a barber shop in the back in the early 1900s and operated in that capacity for 100 years. Prior to our purchase, it had been a deli. Once we purchased it, we tried to bring it back to its roots of a classic rural general store while also greatly expanding the culinary offerings.

Q: What type of food do you serve?

A: On our everyday menu, guests will find homemade items such as quiches, muffins, turnovers, pies and other baked goods (plus) strong espresso and fresh coffee to go with your breakfast sandwich. Lunch items include delicious hoagies with your choice of toppings such as chipotle, jalapeno cilantro mayo or cranberry mayonnaise, avocado, hummus, spicy pepper relishes and arugula. (There are) freshly prepared salads with local seasonal roasted veggies to add to hearty salads or sandwiches. All of our dressings (blue cheese, ranch, honey mustard, ginger vinaigrette, carrot turmeric) are all made in-house. Our overall goal is to have options that include carnivore needs and vegan desires. We pull and hand-toss fresh pizza dough to make stromboli and custom pizzas and strive to cook with fresh produce and fruit as much as possible. In addition to our in-store offerings and dinner specials, we offer off-site catering for private parties and events while using cuisines from around the world.

Q: What’s your specialty?

A: Our specialty is preparing meals from scratch to appease any palette.

Q: How did your menu come to be?

A: Our menu developed over years of traveling and living all over while working with accomplished chefs that are versed in cuisines from all over the world.

Q: What are your most popular dishes and drinks?

A: Honestly, we have such a diverse clientele that all parts of the menu get some love depending on the day and time.

Q: What type of seating do you have?

A: Customer seating is limited to outdoor at the moment. Depending on pandemic guidelines, we will reopen indoor seating when safe and allowed.

Q: What kinds of specials do you offer?

A: Check out the Facebook page, as it varies daily (with) what is the freshest.

Q: Do you offer catering, event space, etc.?

A: We offer off-site catering for any and all occasions and sizes.

Q: Where do you see the restaurant headed in the future?

A: We look forward to continuing the long tradition that the store has enjoyed over the last 110 years, as well as being able to continue offering new and exciting cuisine and opportunities for locals and tourists alike.