After finishing fourth last year as a freshman, Hanover Area sophomore Kyleen McCance took the top spot at this year’s District 2 Class 2A championship held Monday at Fox Hill. McCance shot an 80, four shots clear of second-place Ciera Toomey of Dunmore. She’ll next compete at the regional individual championships, Oct. 14 at Golden Oaks in Fleetwood.

  • Year: Sophomore
  • Hometown: Hanover
  • Age: 15
  • Family: Mom, Candice; Dad, Bob; Brother, Desmond (20).
  • Favorite teacher: Mr. Callahan
  • Favorite movie: “Bohemian Rhapsody”
  • Favorite TV/Netflix show: “Criminal Minds”
  • Favorite golfer: Tiger Woods
  • Favorite food: Steak
  • Song that gets you fired up before a round: Anything by Queen
  • Good luck charm/superstitious ritual: Wear USA stuff to honor my grandpa, a retired military veteran
  • Favorite app on your smartphone: Snapchat
  • Favorite non-sports related hobby: Play video games
  • One word that best describes you: Different
  • What superpower would you like to have?: Super speed
  • What’s your dream course to play: Augusta National
  • The one thing you can’t live without: Phone
  • Biggest role model: Dad

McCance spoke with sports editor Tony Maluso about her district title and what her goals are going forward.

Q: What did that win mean to you?

A: My goal was to win districts. I tried working up to it, coming from last year to this year was a big difference with how I improved.

Q: What led to that improvement?

A: A lot of practice. I started practicing with my swing coach more, going down there at least three times a month.

Q: What’s the strongest part of your game?

A: Driving. I have a lot of power people don’t realize. I work out a lot at CrossFit, get my strength.

Q: How important is it to put together a full game — long, short, putting — at a district tournament?

A: That builds my whole score. If one thing goes wrong then it’s all going to fold.

Q: Is there any part of your game you want to put extra work on with regionals and hopefully states coming up?

A: Chipping.

Q: How long have you been golfing?

A: Four years.

Q: What got you into it

A: I just wanted to beat my brother. I wanted to be better than him.

Q: How long did it take for you to beat him.

A: About a year.

Q: What is it about golf that makes you want to stick with it?

A: It can’t be mastered. You can have one good day, one bad day. You can’t master the sport.