Elk Lake’s Chloe Sipe lines up a putt at the District 2 golf championships at Fox Hill Country Club in West Pittston.


Elk Lake sophomore golfer Chloe Sipe helped lead her team to the District Championship by shooting a 78 on Tuesday, Sept. 24, giving the Lady Warriors back-to-back team titles. Sipe also competed Monday in the individual districts competition, placing third overall and moving on to Regionals. In recognition of her achievement, Sipe has been named the Wyoming County Press Examiner Athlete of the Week.

Grade, age, hometown: Sophomore, 15, Dimock

Family: Dad Brian, mom Rachel, brother Cooper (11)

Do you have any pets? A dog named Libby

Three reasons why you compete: I compete because it makes me feel good, it helps me set goals and push myself, and I like to be on a team, with teammates I love.

Athletes you admire: Lexi Thompson and Ricky Fowler

Three people you’d like to have dinner with, dead or alive: My parents and my best friend Jenna Daye

Who inspires you to be better? My dad, because even on my best days we talk about what I could have done differently or better. We work together, and I know he will always be there for me. He pushes me and he just wants what is best for me.

Favorite school subject: English

Favorite Movie: “The Notebook”

Favorite Sports Movie: “Rocky”

Favorite Social Media App: SnapChat

Favorite Food: French fries

What is the best place for post game food? Moe’s

Superstitions or Rituals: Before each match we huddle up and yell “E-L-G”

Who’s your go to band or artist when you can’t decide on something to listen to? Cardi B

When did you start playing golf competitively? Last year, as a freshman, so two years ago.

Favorite course to compete on and why? Scranton Muni. That is where it all started for me. I won my first trophy there, as low freshman in the Jackman. I was super nervous, but that course has made a big impact on me, and given me many good memories. It is also where we won to clinch states two years in a row.

What is your favorite golf memory? Definitely making it to states, again. When we finished, we all started crying and hugging and taking pictures with each other.

What is your dream job? To be a professional golfer

What is the coolest place you have traveled to? Rome, Italy

Who is your closest teammate? Jenna Daye

How would you describe Coach Kipar in one word? Positive

How would he describe you? Loud

What sports quote or motto do you try to live by? “Never give up”

What skill would you like to master? Keeping my head down on the ball for every shot.

What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives? Try something new, even if it is scary. You only live once.

Random fun fact about you: I hate the color green, sorry Elk Lake!

Post-graduation plans: I hope to go to college with either a golf or academic scholarship. I’m not sure what I want to do for the rest of my life, but I know I do want golf to be a part of it.