D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc., America’s Oldest Brewery, and Molson Coors Beverage Company have launched a long-term brewing partnership, which will bring Yuengling’s beer to millions more people outside of its East Coast, 22-state footprint.

The Yuengling family and Gavin Hattersley, President and CEO of Molson Coors, announced the joint venture at a virtual press conference from Pottsville this morning. The partnership will allow the distribution of Yuengling beers to expand further west for the first time in history.

Wendy Yuengling, chief administrative officer, said Yuengling is remaining a family owned business.

“We have fans all over the country, many of whom regularly ask when they’ll be able to enjoy Yuengling beer without having to hop on an airplane, or smuggle it across state lines. To satisfy that demand, and to broaden our distribution for the long term, we’re very excited to announce a new, long term brewing partnership with Molson Coors to expand further west.

“Together, our team of brewers will work hand-in-hand at Molson Coors world class breweries and tap into their expertise in brewing and distribution to make the Yuengling brands more accessible to consumers by opening markets we can’t currently reach.”

Hattersley said the generations of Yuenglings that came before them have “built a powerhouse” here on the East Coast.

“Their iconic beers are loved by those who live in a state fortunate enough to have their brands and sought after by those who are visiting.”

“Our expert brewers will work hand in hand with Jennifer and the Yuengling team to brew their iconic beers, using the unique recipes and brewing processes,” he said. The Molson Coors teams will bring analytics and management support to the joint venture, and Yuengling will manage the national selling, marketing strategy, brand portfolio, and chain relationships.

“To me, the benefit is as simple as it is significant. This joint venture will follow the same steady pace and discipline that has brought Yuengling success for 190 years. It’s not going to go national out of the gate. There are 25 states open for expansion under this partnership,” Hattersley said.

Joining Wendy Yuengling were her father, Richard L. “Dick” Yuengling Jr., president; and her sisters in the 6th generation business, Jennifer, vice president of operations; Deb, employee engagement and culture manager; and Sheryl, order services manager.

The partnership is expected to begin in the second half of 2021 and will be governed by a board of directors, consisting evenly of Yuengling and Molson Coors family members and executives. Wendy and Jennifer Yuengling will serve on the board. Importantly, D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc. remains a family-owned business and the existing company will operate separately from the joint venture with Molson Coors, Wendy Yuengling explained.

As for the financial investment involved, no specific dollar amount was shared, but the effort is a 50/50 venture.