Sam’s Club is buckling down on the sizes of the food it’s selling this holiday season. The wholesale retail warehouse chain will be selling smaller servings in order to accommodate the smaller family gatherings happening amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

CNBC reports that the organization–a subsidiary of Walmart–is shifting from its typical buy-in-bulk deals to more modest sizes of food items that are usually purchased during the holidays. Ham, for example, will be available in three condensed sizes (four pounds, seven pounds, and 10 pounds) while other prepared side dishes will be packaged for families of four.

A downsize in the food portions sold, however, doesn’t mean Sam’s Club is scaling back on the holidays entirely. A press release published on Thursday states how Sam’s Club will be offering surprise celebrity moments and experiences that “play on nostalgia and fun.” The company also mentioned how it will be notifying members of holiday deals by sending them books filled with ways to save.

“COVID-19 has changed how our members shop and the experiences they desire,” said Chief Member Office of Sam’s Club, Tony Rogers. “We’re listening and evolving our approach to meet their needs. Our members are in for something special this season with the great surprises we have planned.”

True to the holiday spirit, while the company may be scaling back in some portion sizes it will be adding to its workforce. In the same press release, Sam’s club announced it is hiring 2,000 permanent, full-time associates nationwide for supply chain operations.

“We take our cues directly from our members, and they’re telling us they’re ready and excited about holiday shopping this year,” stated Megan Crozier, Chief Merchandising Officer of Sam’s Club. “Our merchants are making this holiday extra special for our members across categories–from food and holiday décor to one-of-a-kind gifts–with more high-quality items at amazing members-only values, and special experiences they can’t find anywhere else.”

— Claudia Dimuro/PennLive/Tribune News Service