A Pittston pet store, one of its large snakes and a pair of brothers from Hazleton will be featured Thursday night on a new MTV reality show about pranks.

In Thursday’s episode of “Revenge Prank,” the Pet Zone in Pittston is used as the starting point for the latest gag between the brothers who have a popular YouTube channel documenting their back-and-forth pranks.

Soko Mujovic once filmed as he exploited his brother Sunny’s fear of snakes by putting a 30-foot boa constrictor in his bed. On Thursday’s show, Sunny Mujovic gets revenge against Soko.

Sunny Mujovic and the show’s co-host, “Jersey Shore” cast member Vinny Guadagnino, visited the Pet Zone recently to revisit the snake incident and watch the viral video seen by millions.

“They used the store as the starting point for the prank. They watched the video to get him hyped up to get revenge on his brother,” said Bill Pambianco, 34, whose family owns the Pet Zone.

Guadagnino, holding one of Pet Zone’s Burmese pythons, even got Sunny Mujovic to touch the slithery 15-foot-long creature.

“He was really afraid of it. He didn’t want to but Vinny made him touch it. Then he was like, ‘Let’s go prank your brother.’ ”

It was not immediately clear what the prank ended up being. The episode airs at 9:30 .

The Mujovic brothers have dozens of prank videos on their channel. The snake video caught the eyes of MTV producers.

“Last year I get a call and they said it was MTV. I didn’t believe it,” he said. “They kept talking and I thought, ‘Maybe this is MTV.’ ”

Vinny Guadagnino, host of MTV’s new reality show “Revenge Prank,” holds a snake at the Pet Zone in Pittston.


It was — and they had an offer that Sunny couldn’t refuse.

“They asked me, ‘Would you like to get revenge on your brother?’” Sunny recalled.

After months of back-and-forth calls, crews came to Hazleton on Feb. 2 to film. Hidden cameras were installed, actors were employed and Sunny wore an earpiece to hear guidance from producers.

“I put my brother in such an uncomfortable situation that they almost called the prank off out of fear for everyone,” Sunny said. “They were telling me to help de-escalate the situation.”

Sunny posted a few seconds clip of the final cut to his Facebook page showing Soko throwing and smashing something.

“There’s a wild boar in it,” Sunny said. “It’s literally crazy.”

The brothers’ channel is at www.youtube.com/c/sunnyandsoko.