A nonprofit organization will hold a groundbreaking ceremony at 11 a.m. Saturday for a community garden in South Scranton.

The kickoff for the Garden of Cedar at 715 Cedar Ave. will include the planting of an apple tree, the nonprofit’s president, Frank Dubas, said.

“The garden will be a unique public space that offers a fusion of urban agriculture, trailways, education and art for residents of South Scranton, as well as the greater Scranton area,” Dubas said in a statement.

Utilities will be installed later this fall. Construction of walkways, raised bed planters, community gathering spaces and additional features will occur in the spring.

“We are working with local community organizations, Penn State Extension’s Master Gardener Program, and local government entities to construct a setting that pays homage to the area’s Iron District heritage while, at the same time, looks forward to a future offering hope and promise for healthy living and outdoor recreation,” Dubas said.

The socially distanced groundbreaking ceremony is open to the public.