Scranton hopes to open its pools at Connell Park in South Scranton and Weston Park in North Scranton on June 21, parks and recreation director Brooke Newhart said Wednesday.

Whether both open that day will depend on whether the city can find enough lifeguards, which has been a problem so far, Newhart said.

She’s unsure which would remain closed if she can’t find enough lifeguards, she said.

When they open, the pool’s hours will be noon to 6 p.m. seven days a week.

The pool at Weston Field needs repairs and its opening date is uncertain. The city is advertising for repair bids, Newhart said.

She said the city hoped to open the two pools June 19, but couldn’t find enough trained lifeguards in time, she said.

The pool at Nay Aug Park, which needs repairs, will remain closed this summer as officials determine its future.