The Circle Drive-In in Dickson City plans to open its flea market on Sunday, and its president, Joe Calabro, insists he’s doing so within the bounds of Gov. Tom Wolf’s red phase restrictions because it’s outdoors.

The Circle Flea Fair will be open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday, the Circle announced on its Facebook Page Wednesday night.

“We feel that it meets all the same requirements as if it were an open air event,” Calabro said in an interview this morning.

Circle workers will clean restrooms after each use and patrol the grounds for people breaking the rules. All vendors and shoppers must wear face coverings, and there will be limited access to the concession stand.

“The governor’s the one controlling whether or not certain businesses are allowed to open … not us,” borough Manager Cesare Forconi said, who added that state officials should decide whether Calabro’s interpretation is correct. “Our biggest concern is to make sure that everybody is as safe as they possibly can be.”

The drive-in opened its cinema at the beginning of May.

Since then, flea market enthusiasts have been clamoring for the Flea Fair to reopen.

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