A candle shop is opening its doors this week in the city.

Loki & Layla Candle Co. will hold a grand opening Saturday at its headquarters at 300 N. Centre St., Pottsville. It will be attended by local artisans and artists, with music by Pottsville native Terry James, podcast interviews by Interviews With Everyday People, and wine sampling by Bouchette Vineyards. The event is 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Loki & Layla Candles LLC was formed in June 2019 by Joseph Barnes and Ashley Michel, and is known for its three lines of candles. They produce hand-poured soy candles and wax melts, and are extending into lotions, oils and pillar candles. The owners said their store will house a handful of local artisans and artists, and they will have a working relationship with local wineries and breweries across Pennsylvania to provide taste testing and sampling.

They currently offer over 50 various scents between three candle lines, and the store will also provide classes and seminars, as well as white-labeling services for companies interested in branding their own unique line of candles. Of their sales, $1 from each candle purchase goes to various charities, and Loki & Layla Candles will host wildlife and animal seminars on location throughout the year.

For more information on Loki & Layla candles, visit the website at lokilaylacandles.com.